Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Brothers Wedding

The kilt making turned into some last minute marathon sewing by myself, my sister Joiwyn, and the best man Curtis.  Ivan (my brother) was trying to make his own kilt but became overwellmed with other things, so starting on Wednesday at 9pm my sister Joiwyn started working on it.  She worked almost constantly until 8am Saturday morning (the wedding day).  My kilt and Curtis' kilt were also completed Saturday morning... we cut some things close.  I finished making belt buckles at around 11am and the kilts were still having the temporary basting removed at around 3:45 (the ceremony started at 4) :-).  Even with all that the wedding went very well here are some pictures (and more here.)

Ivan & Amanda

The ceremony (I am in the kilt on the far left)





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