Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scanner Teardowns

I had two old scanners that I have had floating around for awhile and finally decided to tear apart and salvage the parts that could be useful.  Here are a few pictures (more here & here):


Power supply

Stepper and LEDs

Power to light red cold cathode tube

Product Overview

Voltage to drive cold cathode

Voltage to drive cold cathode

Stepper driver chip ULN2003AN

At a minimum I was able to salvage the following (there is more I may be able to de-solder):
2 - 12v steppers with gears, belts, etc...
3 - smooth guide rods (with bushings)
1 - 12v, 1.5A wall adapter
1 - 26v, 5v, +12v, -12v supply (I don't know the amps...)
1 - White cold cathode tube with control board
1 - RGB cold cathode tube set with control board
2 - FFC with connectors (will have to de-solder the connectors)
2 pieces of glass
Assorted mirrors
Assorted LEDs, switches, etc...