Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A short break...

I get a break this week before summer quarter starts.  I chose to take classes over the summer so that next year will not be so heavy (only 362 more days to graduation!).  I am taking two classes "Intro to Mechanical Design" and "Finite Element Analysis."  I hope they do not consume too much of my time as I am still working and I am helping my brother get ready for his wedding.  I am making the wedding dress and helping make kilts. Yes, I said kilts...  I will be wearing one in the ceremony.  And my wife is making the cake.  Maybe I will post pictures of all the wedding stuff when it is done.

I have been enjoying tinkering with my new printer over at RepRap Breeding.  If you have not been there you should check it out.

I have also been finishing up the video I am doing for the Hall Health Center on campus.  I will post a link once it is done and up on the UW web site.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Approching the End of Another Quarter

As I work to finish up the last of the things for this quarter I realized I had not made a post here in a while.  I have been making many posts over on my RepRap blog, but none here.  I have been spending most of my "spare" time, when not working or at school, either working on my Mendel or working on a film for the UW Hall Health.  It has been a very bust quarter.  I have started looking forward over the next year to determine what classes I need to take each quarter to graduate next spring.  I am also planning the things I need to do to support my brother's wedding in August.

This next year will still require a tight schedule but will go by before I know it.  I will try to post a little more regularly here, but also be sure to follow the progress of my Mendel and the ongoing exploration of its capabilities.