Sunday, August 21, 2011

ThingOut and Ignite Seattle

ThingOut was very cool.  I met a lot of people and explained about RepRap and about my InkShield until my throat was sore.  It was a very warm day and staying fully hydrated was hard.  There was a nice write-up on GeekWire, with my picture at the top. Some of the other people there had things such as:
  • Swamp coolers
    Swamp cooler
  • A rail gun
    Rail gun
  • A yurt
  • A fan powered bike
    Fan powered bike
  • A robot controlled by brain waves (with an emotv headset)
  • Liquid nitrogen powered hovercraft
  • A robot with a Nerf machine gun
  • and more...

This event was followed by Ignite Seattle.  This was a very good set of talks ranging from a one armed juggler who juggled bowling balls (YES, TWO bowling balls with ONE arm!!!) to a talk about crowd control, one about record collecting, and many more.


All around this was a very fun event and I plan to attend both again in the future.

There are more pictures on my Flickr set.

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