Thursday, July 29, 2010

A crazy truck driver and sewing progress.

To start with I had a wild experience today leaving school.  While walking to my bus stop I saw a traffic jam at the main campus entrance.  As I approached I discovered a over-sized load truck with a crane on it.  As I got closer I saw it had run into a sign turning into campus and they had a reciprocating saw and were cutting down the sign. 

I then managed to get to my bus stop and the truck managed to get free and moving.

Sorry bout the video quality/camera work

 It preceded onto campus after much effort from both Seattle PD and Campus police to get the lead car past the congestion and then my bus arrived.  We rode most of the way around campus with out incident until we reached the tight turn at the top of the hill by Meany Hall.  The truck was stuck again.

They were turning cars around.  And even turned a bus around by backing it on to a side street.  At this point I decided to leave the bus and walk toward the freeway to catch a different bus.
The front bus was just turned around, the third bus from was the one I exited

 I then walked toward the freeway planning to catch a 511 from the freeway stop, but at 45th and Brooklyn the 855 caught up with me so I just got back on that bus.  In total it took almost 2.5 hours to get home....

Adding boning to the lining of the bodice

Boned lining on the dress-form.

Mocking up the lacing

Laying out the kilt pattern on the tartan (from my measurements and on the tartan pattern)

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