Monday, December 14, 2009

The Beginning

This journey started long ago, but became much more formal when I started going to Everett Community College. That marked the beginning of ALL my formal education. I was home schooled through all my earlier education.

The most common question I get about being home schooled is "How did you like it?" The answer is simple... "I don't have much to compare it to." I did spend one quarter in middle school band. That was an interesting experience. I had been playing in a youth orchestra and had stopped. My horn teacher said I should keep playing somewhere. So band it was... The kids there were far from the serious musicians I was used to. I then went back to a youth orchestra.

The second question I usually get is "How did you socialize?" Once again a relatively simple answer. "I had orchestra, my families community theater group, and my family."

The biggest thing I think I learned in all those years was the understanding that education is yours. Only you can learn, no one can make you. Teachers are people who share their passion with you. This can be your parents, your siblings, strangers on the street, children, anyone and everyone. Everyone has something you can learn from them. Life is a lesson and you should never stop learning.

This is my story, my journey. I am late getting started in this outlet of communication and plan to share past experiences as well as present and future. I hope to share my passions and my experiences to help others on this journey, and maybe learn a thing or two myself.

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